about Dance of Life oil lamps

Think of a time when you experienced peace and well-being. Dance of Life lamps help bring to mind that heart-space. 

Spend a few moments each day in gentle quietness. Let the movement of the dancing flames hold your day. Think of what brings you life and what creates resistance in you. Hold them together in this space of calm and release the tensions. Breathe.

This open space can connect you to a Loving Presence beyond yourself. You are held, just like the lamp rim holds the dancing flames.

Move into your day, your relationships, your challenges with the image of the warm flames. Let the Light expand within you. Return again and again to this space of calm trust.

Never leave your lamp, or your life, unattended.

Lighting your lamp for the first time (approximately 2 minutes)

For those of you who would prefer to read the instructions, here they are.

To light your lamp the first time:

  1. Fill the lamp three-fourths full with Ultra Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil (spotless, smokeless and odorless). Rub some oil on the inside of the rim.

  2. Soak one end of the fiberglass wick with oil. (This is the end you will light.)

  3. Lift the wick out and push the other end of the wick down into the body of the lamp until only the soaked end remains visible, nestled into the throat of the lamp, below the rim. Tweezers are helpful in adjusting the level of the wick for best dancing effects.

  4. Light this nestled, soaked end. (The fiberglass wick never needs to be trimmed or replaced.)

Notes about safety and caring for your lamp:

  1. Occasionally clean the rim with a tissue soaked in oil.

  2. Place the lamp on a protected surface to prevent any possible oil stains on furniture.

  3. Never leave the lamp, or your life, unattended.

Enjoy your Dance of Life oil lamp!

Some ways people use their lamps:

  • Personal reflection and prayer

  • Group sharing and spiritual formation

  • Family mealtime (possibly when sharing highs and lows of the day)

  • Symbol of Presence during worship services

  • Marking milestones in churches, schools and other organizations

  • Welcome gift for newcomers

  • Ordination or wedding symbol

  • Farewell or retirement gift

  • Centerpiece for retreats and gatherings of all kinds

  • Expressing of care for those experiencing loss

  • Focal point for Clearness Committee (a process of discernment)

Watch Karen give a pottery demonstration (approximately 12 minutes)


Watch Karen open the kiln to showcase new lamps (approximately 2 minutes)