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enjoy the beauty and peace of a Dance of Life oil lamp


Dance of Life Oil Lamp
Stressed woman needing to get away


Life can be overwhelming. A Dance of Life oil lamp can help you move into quiet calm.


Breathe deeply. Watch multiple flames dance on the rim of the lamp. Notice the gentle swinging rhythm of the flames. Allow yourself to hold the tensions of your life with alertness to the possibility of new life within those tensions.


Right click on the video and select loop to have the video play repeatedly. You can also select full screen to view the flame.


start your Dance of Life journey

Karen Sensenig designing an oil lamp

Watch Karen at the wheel, learn how to light your lamp for the first time, and more!

Dance of Life Oil Lamp

Choose a SEA, EARTH, or NIGHT SKY lamp and order in a few easy steps.

Karen Sensenig relaxing on porch swing

Karen's blog is full of insight about how to enter into the Dance of Life

Karen Sensenig demonstrating work at the pottery wheel.

Read the recent article about Karen and her lamps in the Lancaster Newspaper!


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